Friday, April 18, 2014

Exhibit A ☁ ☀☁

PH • 1:01pm • April 18, 2014

So it's summer.

The climate is, as expected, very humid and hot.
And I'm wearing a huge hooded sweater.

Oh, why? Because I'm cold. 
& no, I'm not sick.

Well, yes, I do know that this is very weird but I think my blog wouldn't be called "The Good Kind of Weird" if not for its' (my) quirkiness ( sounds cuter than peculiarity ♡ )

& yes, I am completely serious when I say that I have no idea why I am wearing a sweater over a tank top paired with pajamas on this torrid summer day... other than yes, I am, in fact, feeling cold.

So I just wanted to post something odd. I am, after all, weird and there are many witnesses to that truth. And tons of 'proof'.

Here's exhibit A. ha ha

Soon enough, Harriet A