Saturday, February 8, 2014

Novels: A Girl's Best Friend

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I love reading and I love novels.

I love a lot of things but... reading actual books (or not so actual, depending on which angle fits) is only a recent addiction. Not hobby, addiction. Because I can't miss one single day without grabbing my cell phone and reading a book (or ebook more likely). With that being said, let me explain why I don't actually have 'books'. My mom doesn't support my extreme attachment to reading books. They keep me in my bed all day, apparently. And she also thinks it is way too expensive which makes sense because we aren't talking about only one book but TONS. I don't how to emphasize how many it is but according to my Goodreads account, I have a total of 117 books read. And that doesn't even include the books I want to read, the one's on-hold, stopped, and one I'm currently reading. The sum of the books I do have are: 4. It's embarrassing. I can't even call myself a bookworm. I mean, how could I?! I have FOUR books. It's.. shameful. I have no further comments upon the said issue...

Okay, the history of it all. 'All' being my reading addiction. 

I have always read stories. It didn't actually start on novels. I used to always read fanfics. Yes, and also manga. When I was eleven, those two were my refuge. I wasn't even the predictable, 'wattpad' reader but the 'asianfanfics' kind with k-pop stars as characters. I also used to really love k-pop although nowadays, not so much. And then these two were taken away from me when my laptop got broken. It hadn't been replaced due to the fact that below the premises of my room were eleven computers (our comshop). So it sort of wasn't... the practical way of proceeding after finding out that it couldn't be fixed. So, I started searching for ways to read stories through my cellphone. It's not an android and it wasn't that easy of a task. Nevertheless, I found a way. And it was through mobi type files. The first book (as long as I could remember) was "I Heart Vegas" by Linsey Kelk. I didn't know it was a fourth of a book series then but... basically, after that, finding more books was a MUST. I was able to read 'Warm Bodies' by Isaac Marion through it, and also The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, and more. Although later on, I found epub file types (aka ebooks) so I had to make a way to read these book types in my phone. I downloaded an ebook reader and poof. Last summer, I spent almost all my hours reading and reading and downloading and then reading again book by book. Countless of them. I was into Chicklit, YA, Teens, and realistic fiction-genre books at the time. Up to now, I still am but less on 'chicklit' and more on... 'new adult' and that of 'realistic fiction'. Since then, I had not stopped or halted reading novels/ebooks. Amidst the busy schedule of my senior year, it has persevered. 

However, these past few weeks have been a pain. Our last quarter and basically, everything, has to be rushed. Our grades, school works, exams, PTs and all other school related piss-offs. I'm not a hater when it comes to school but outstandingly, this hurried system is one big ball of stress to add-up on the ensuing college matter. One that I have not contemplated as much as I should have when I realized that I really could not put a stop to it... even when I tremendously want to. There's no escaping it...

SO, never mind that.

The topic at hand, NOVELS. I believe that if I have all the resources on the books that I have read, and the availability of each, I'd have filled five bookshelves. But, sadly, I don't.

One day though, I will. I promise that to myself.

Soon enough, Harriet A

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