Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Images left behind... after 3 months

Documenting my Senior Days: Part I

Mostly recent pictures.

 I have all kinds of crazy faces and I'll make sure that this blog will at least witness a number of that.

The reason behind this: well, it is our final year in high school. Maybe I'm just realizing this now... I hate thinking about it but I want to be able to record the memories we're making as it is captured on film (or rather on Iphone, mostly). Btw, credits to my best friend who you people should know because she's the one I'm with on mostly all of the selfies of two people there (me & her). Her name's Dorothy. Her Iphone's used on all of the pictures above and also most probably the one's I'll be uploading soon. Thank you oh so much, if you're reading this :-) So, back to what I was saying (or more likely typing) awhile ago. I want to be able to someday scroll through this photos and laugh at our faces, see the definite differences, tease myself and them about all of it when we have our reunions/gatherings, reminisce about the good times of senior year, and tell myself that this one was absolutely unforgettable. I hope that this will remind me about awesome people, pleasant memories and good endings. Cause this is undoubtedly one of them. Maybe someday this will be one of those things that will cheer me up when I'm down about things... about missing it and wishing it could happen again or longing for the crazy moments we had, that if only I could bring it back, I would. I can assure myself that this things will happen. I'm really sentimental and sometimes even maudlin about these things.

Let this be a reminder that all entities in this world have endings, ones that are inevitable and compulsory but it happens. And when that time comes, all you'll have left are the amount of smiles you smiled, tears you shed, laughter you laughed, rants you bellowed, words you said and memories you made. These are the things you can behold. Claim it and cherish it. 

Soon enoughHarriet A

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