Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A couple of things

Happy Holidays!

Another blog entry. 

Hmm.. Maybe I should make something that's related to Christmas because... it would only be appropriate if I do so. I mean, there's only about 7 hours or something before the Lord Jesus' birthday, right? Let's honor Him for this glorious day. 

Moment of silence. Yes.

Okay, I'm starting to hesitate my choice of topic for this entry... but I'll go ahead. I love Jesus. He is divine. But... hey. It's also my best friend's birthday today! DOROTHY, AGAIN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 

Don't hate me for that pic, ok? ♥ ✌ (not this one. you know what I'm talking about)

But, once again, that is not the reason for this blog entry. I just ... I miss Aria Clemente!! She hasn't blogged for I don't know how long but  she  has  not. & I MISS IT. So this is the second time I'm blogging about her. & That's because... I am passionate about a lot of things for no apparent reason but this one is because of her creative mind (which you can definitely see through her blog) and her wonderful voice. Her covers that I also miss. I'm a big fan and since I miss her blog so badly, it only makes sense that I post something connected to it.

And that is a section of one of my most favorite blog entry from her, In Another Life. 

I hope she posts soon because... I don't know, the year is almost ending and 2014 will come soon after and there's no time like right now and I just really miss her blog!! It's not like she's going to see this right? So why bother posting about it? Oh nothing really. Think about it. At least, I got a release. And it's not like there's anything wrong with professing my feelings. This is what I do best. Unabashedly write down my thoughts (in this case, type it and then post it) in my journal (but a blog for this matter) and then silently hope that nobody will ever read it. But for this instance, I think being heard is not so bad. The attention will be good for my ego.. or even my dignity... because, to be honest, I feel like I'm talking to myself alone when I post these things... But it's okay. That doesn't stop me (obviously).

Again, Happy Holidays!! ☺

Soon enough, Harriet A

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