Saturday, October 5, 2013

#1 "Someday": A Personalized Bedroom

Hi! I'll be starting this set of ideas of ... things, kinda like goals or a wishlist of what I want to have or pursue someday.

& THIS is my #1 : Be able to customize my own room as how I want it to really be.

It's not really in order, I mean this one just suddenly popped out of my head somehow, well, because of what I saw from this blog: BEAUTIFUL MESS. The link says it all. But this picture was truly the one that caught my eye the most:

The way she transformed it is AMAZING. & how I want my own to be like... I can just imagine it. So I will list some of the ideas that are perfect for how I see it someday. Maybe I'll look into this when the time comes, y'know. ;)

OK, here I go!

First, I once saw in this Taiwanese drama that I was watching called "Love you" that the guy's room there had a tree print in his wall. Just like this: 

& I really want something like that on my wall! It's so cute and such a nice design that I said to myself, I  must have ☺ 
Plus, the moment that I saw it on that one episode, I paused in awe and promised to myself that it will be part of my room someday. 

Second, I will need a shelf. 
Because,I will post a separate entry so I won't elaborate it here, but I really love reading books and I may not own even a set of books right now (because mostly read through e-books), I will buy loads of books someday.
book shelf
I don't want anything specific at the moment but... maybe something like this will do: 

and as you can see, I just want something simple, clean, and book-friendly.
I mean, basically, the main idea is somewhere where I can place tons of books for my future collection. ;)

(Oh here's a cute photo of a cat that I saw while I was surfing)
meow! :3

Third, the perfect bed
And that, in my taste, is something that's not too fancy. Just a comfortable bed that I can sleep on. & then maybe be able to read my books during nights, before i go to sleep or during my spare time.
But since I feel obligated to put a picture (plus I just really want to put one), here's an example. ☺

Forth, a closet. Actually, I could imagine a walk-in closet... & I found this!

A MUST HAVE! *girly squeal*

Ok, sorry. That's irrelevant. I mean, I don't want anything that grand but... it looks so pretty. *having inner conflicts*

Ok. I could settle with this.

Nothing too grand. Simple and convinient. :) 
(but I'm still dreaming about the other one. I just can't help myself. It's way too pretty :3)

Fifth, a book nook
No further explanations. I just want one. Simple as that.

Sixth, a bulletin board and more.

..."more" meaning maybe I'd do something like the photo above with the dangling photos from a clothesline kind-of-thing.

Seventh, Blue walls with a big space.
Different shades of blue covering the whole room with bits of white and black to balance it out.

So yeah! That's probably the fundamental basics for me. 

*sigh* and just imagine it all to life.

Soon enough, Harriet A

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