Friday, September 27, 2013

Back so soon; "a blog post with many sad faces"

MOURNING for the loss of Aria Clamente's youtube account! 

(the pic is not mine)

CURRENTLY: I'm listening to Aria's song covers through twitmusic. BUT HER YOUTUBE!!!! I can't believe it got hacked  i mean WTF!!? It can't be gone JUST. LIKE. THAT. IT'S INSANE. That's CRAZY. Whoever did it should be ashamed of himself. You better hide yourself you soab. I demand (and I think I speak for all of the other fans out there) that you BRING IT BACK!!!!!! 

(yea, I know, I'm late on the news)

But this is so depressing! Ugh.

It's just heartless.
Realize your crime.

*sigh* i'm out 

Soon enough, Harriet A

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