Friday, September 27, 2013

Back so soon; "a blog post with many sad faces"

MOURNING for the loss of Aria Clamente's youtube account! 

(the pic is not mine)

CURRENTLY: I'm listening to Aria's song covers through twitmusic. BUT HER YOUTUBE!!!! I can't believe it got hacked  i mean WTF!!? It can't be gone JUST. LIKE. THAT. IT'S INSANE. That's CRAZY. Whoever did it should be ashamed of himself. You better hide yourself you soab. I demand (and I think I speak for all of the other fans out there) that you BRING IT BACK!!!!!! 

(yea, I know, I'm late on the news)

But this is so depressing! Ugh.

It's just heartless.
Realize your crime.

*sigh* i'm out 

Soon enough, Harriet A

From Me To You

Hi. I don't know why I posted this ↑ (pic of me) but ... uh, it's my blog so that's fine, I guess. :)

I'm going to make this an intro for what I'll be blogging about. 

& That is going to be about my life, my thoughts, my feelings, books, music, fashion, & loads of random stuff. You will never know what I'm up to. You'll be finding out about me as the posts keep adding up. So i'm not gonna say much. 

Hope this blog doesn't bore you!!

K, here's to future blog posts ☺☺

Soon enough, Harriet A

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Feelin' Good" Playlist ☺

My friend and I did this thing where we make play-lists with specific themes. She was done by the end of our classes while I... wasn't. teehee. *sigh* I promised to give mine tomorrow. I just finished it and this is how my 'It's a Good Day' Playlist went:

1. Lucky - Kat Edmonson 
2. Sweet Sweet Melody - Katie Sky 
3. Life is Rosy - Jess Penner 
4. Icing - Charity Vance 
5. I do adore - Mindy Gledhill 
6. Love Life - He Is We 
7. Better Together - Jack Johnson 
8. Everything's Okay - Lenka 

I hope she likes it though. 

Okay. This is good. :-)

Soon enoughHarriet A