Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

A/N: (You don't have to read this if you don't want to) This was supposed to be posted right after Mother's day, so that should have been on May 12 but... that didn't happen, obviously, it's May 24 now and it is way too late to say post-Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's, lola's, and such so just... read on. Yea. haha. not funny, I know, but bare with me because tbh this should've been published 6 days ago and it got furthered delayed because of my laziness to edit the grammatical errors and such so sorry again for the pointless rambling.
Read on 

I have researched that this special day of honor and celebration for one of societies' most vital counterparts, a mother, wouldn't have existed without a certain someone who wanted to fulfill her own mother's wishes, that is to have a special day bestowed to honor all mothers,  and she is Anna Jarvis. Without her, and also other influences of the idea like Julia Ward Howe, the second Sunday of May wouldn't have been declared as Mother's day, the recognition of all a mother's hard work, love, and contribution to her family.

A day like this couldn't have passed without a particular commemoration imprinting its significance.

So I know that showing how much I love my mom cannot amount to material things. Showing your love and affection for a person isn't based on how much money you spend on them - on chocolates, balloons, tarpaulins and such but I have chosen to give my mom a gift nonetheless. A gift that isn't just all material without heart, it is something that I myself have made through the resources of what's inside my room. I did not spend a penny and honestly, it was more of a struggle of staying awake despite the fever that was gradually increasing in my system rather than finding all the supplies that I needed to materialize the vague idea inside my head for this gift. I am not complaining though, I know that if I did the task much earlier then it wouldn't have led to that but things don't always work out the way you want them... (and that's more so what I tell myself every time such delays occur)

Anyways (why do I always go off-topic, gawd, I am so out of sorts) I believe that in little things like greeting cards and handmade letters, a person can really express the extent of their love because in written words, you don't need to be good at saying things, everyone can verbalize what's in their heart and make it sound beautiful and it is so much easier because I know that emotions can drag you a mile and without that person looking in your eyes, your nerves won't control how many you say, or rather how few it could be.. Text is something I am so thankful for because, to be honest, I am one of those people who are so scared and drowned by their fears and insecurities that vocalizing what I feel becomes an impossible task. Therefore, my gift is a reflection of both my love for my mom and my cowardice to say it aloud.

My mom is the best. She's a role model in so many ways.
She's an angel for all the good that she's done for our family, that listing it would take me forever, even.
She's the perfect epitome of how a person can smile through whatever obstacle and still look at the brighter things in life. 
She's the most beautiful person in the world because even if she wasn't my mom, her radiance is something that any person could see. Her heart is pure and her smile is contagious. Her love is unconditional and beauty is the most fitting word ever to overall define her.

...and these are only some of the things that were written in my little gift for mom. There's still more. And her response while reading it was... tears. She's someone who easily cries at things like this... like how a few hours later, she was on Facebook and after reading my friends' status/message for her mom, mom was so touched that she almost cried. Almost. She said it was so sweet and while I completely agree with her, I didn't cry or almost cry because as I am someone who is not so expressive or obvious when it comes to my emotions, mom is the opposite. She is as transparent as glass but that's also one of the things I love about her, because that liability is not a weakness for her but a sign that shows she's human and it just outlines how strong she is.

Oh, there's one thing that I forgot to write in my mother's day gift for her... 
She's an inspiration. All mothers are.

Love your mother. They're one of the best constant reminders that love lasts forever without any condition or judgement.

I love you mama.

Soon enough, Harriet A

Monday, May 12, 2014

What is love?

Before anything else, uh, I was actually planning on posting something related to Mother's day as post celebration (and also, to put up some pictures of my handmade gift for my mom. haha. callmepretentious) and while I was on my draft yesterday... I couldn't get the right words to express .. what I wanted to express and it just.. didn't do it for me so that didn't happen.

But this update will be something different.. and still worth it (I think) ☺

I was reading a wattpad story entitled 'My Tag Boyfriend' (I recommend you read it too, no kidding, it is the lol). Yea, and while I was reading chapter 27, and, I won't go all detailed so all the future readers of the story won't feel pissed when they do read it, I suddenly felt.. inspired with the speech she got on about 'what is love'. Her answer upon the mentioned question made an awful lot of sense. It was truly one of those moments that could sum it up to this one word: epiphany.
I had an epiphany. (haha that's the first time I had those)
It was an epiphany because in all honesty, I could go on and on about what love for me is and I think what could testify to that would be the drafts that I have on my old cellphone - I wrote all this things about love in a speech-like manner where it may seem crazy but in a way it's like I'm explaining to somebody what love really is. But I'm afraid of posting it online because it actually... kinda doesn't make sense. you know, like those moments when what you're writing or doing may have seemed right at the moment but when it's done, it just.. wasn't. It was actually not okay. That.. that's the disaster my drafts underwent.
But after my epiphany (gosh that sounds weird), I finally found my best yet explanation no description tsk no, definition of love. For me, that is.
& hopefully, you guys would agree. It isn't that well constructed but... here you go.
What is love?
Love is such a used word. It becomes this relative term that binds people... but it can't be... described... or defined with only a simple statement... but I guess..
Love is everything and... nothing.
Love is nothing because... you can't see it. It’s something that could be associated with the discussion of God. God and love... you can't hold it with your hands or see it with your eyes.. Love is.. it's an emotion. Love is a reactant. Love is the dopamine and euphoria stimulated in your system... It’s a chemical cocktail inside your brain… but it cannot be touched or held... love is like an empty space, no, it's not even that, love is... just a void. Love is nothing that can be seen… It’s nothing but, at the same time, it's everything.
I mean.. well, love is the reason you wake up in the morning, the reason you go to your job, the reason you go to school, or go home. It’s the reason why people do all the things that they do. Love is what moves people… inspires them, motivates them, but also crushes them.. Every person in the universe is controlled by love, whether it be because of happiness, jealousy, anger, or coldness, love is the reason behind all these.
Love is like floating on cloud 9.
or getting hit by a car.
or feeling butterflies in your stomach.
or ...wanting something that you can't have & feeling stuck...
Love is.. an odd mix of childishness and maturity.
Love is a whole new universe in a child's hand.
Love is a tiny seed sprouting its' wings and turning into something entirely... wholesome and evil.
It is love that makes us push away a person.. and yet be selfish and possessive.
Love is gaining something and then losing another..
Love is... more than just a word. Love is more than the scope of 'everything'... but for lack of a better word, i guess, love is everything but it is also nothing.

I don't know if I made any sense with this but... for me, it did. For now it's enough. I haven't found that grand love of my life yet (ugh, ew, if I ever do find him I won't call him that haha) but like I said earlier, it is the best yet definition for me... ask me 10 years from now what I think love is. Let's see what I'll say about that.
Soon enough, Harriet A

Friday, April 18, 2014

Exhibit A ☁ ☀☁

PH • 1:01pm • April 18, 2014

So it's summer.

The climate is, as expected, very humid and hot.
And I'm wearing a huge hooded sweater.

Oh, why? Because I'm cold. 
& no, I'm not sick.

Well, yes, I do know that this is very weird but I think my blog wouldn't be called "The Good Kind of Weird" if not for its' (my) quirkiness ( sounds cuter than peculiarity ♡ )

& yes, I am completely serious when I say that I have no idea why I am wearing a sweater over a tank top paired with pajamas on this torrid summer day... other than yes, I am, in fact, feeling cold.

So I just wanted to post something odd. I am, after all, weird and there are many witnesses to that truth. And tons of 'proof'.

Here's exhibit A. ha ha

Soon enough, Harriet A

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We were freaks in the society

Always online on the internet

Avoiding the sun outside of it

Comfortable in our room alone

Not comfortable in our own skin tho

Oh they were all trying to be cool

I just said no I’m happy as is

No not always but I was okay

Our happiness was different from theirs

What they say were cute, we found ugly

As crowd-pleasers and party-goers

Well, we were not but that they were, so

We weren’t normal, but who was, right?


 (posted this on tumblr)